Welcome to digital library Olympus Alpine Biblioteca.

O.A.B. provides user-access to a digitized books repository in emphasis on history of mt. Olympus national park [Greece]. Digitized pages of rare books and recent publications are freely available to the visitor for study, copy and use. Textual-evidence from the first ascents, photographs of the first explorers, up to ecological features and cultural heritage, are now open for research as the authors have allowed digitization and online distribution.

Archive database includes a book-list catalog that works in chronological order and offers the ability to data storage for offline processing. Some of these books have unspecified rights out-of-commerce. Respecting the open-access manifesto, the key principles in the digitization and making available of out-of-commerce works, we fulfill our obligation to the history of our region.

O.A.B. collective was created to collect and share digital content of accessible non-profit/non-commodity information about climbing history of mt. Olympus.

oab collective / 07.11.2010

When you use data from our network, please cite us using the following reference:
Olympus Alpine Biblioteca digital collection.

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